25 People in VR - 3 months together. 

Let's meet in RL*!

*For Axon Park Alumnis only

We have spent 3 months together in VR and graduated successfully together - now it's time to meet in person! You, as the first Axon Park alumni can kickstart your career and built a team with other successful and just awesome individuals.

We, the XR Nomads, are VR/AR creators from around the world, traveling together and settling in a new city for a month. We stay in luxury co-living housing and develop groundbreaking VR/AR content in fancy co-working spaces. We'll integrate with new cultures, make lifelong friendships, and build our passion projects with like-minded people.

The First XR Nomads Journey is happening from January 10 - January 31, 2019.

Our first stop is: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Join the XR Nomads Movement

We’re currently accepting applications!


As we have limited space available, we are planning for a 2 stage interview process. You will know within one week if you are accepted. 


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What's Included

Accommodation in a high-end apartment, in-style and design.

Two group dinners a week at the most famous regional hot spots.

Join a local XR hackathon with the XR Nomads team.

Participation and networking at  XR conferences and workshops.

Share local adventures from Jet-

skiing to bungee jumping!

Explore a different VR/AR culture and be inspired by VR/AR arcades.

Free co-working space in the hippest area of town.

Looking to see a different kind of VR/AR lab? Be inspired!

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Alex Silkin

Rahel Demant

About Us

Hey. We are VR First. Over the last 3 years we have built a community of VR/AR developers with 52 VR/AR labs around the world, and are now connecting our global community offline! We hope you'll come with us and travel with our like-minded, VR/AR loving community!


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Not ready to join this time?

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on how this year's nomads are

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