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About the Program

How much does the program cost?

Will there be wifi?

What will the meals be like?

What is XR Nomads?




What are the programme’s objectives?



What are the benefits for entrepreneurs?

What does my program fee cover?







How is this program different from other travel programs such as Remoteyear, hackerparadise or wifitribe? 


Will VR/AR equipment be provided? 


Which conferences/hackathons will we visit? 

How much will I learn about VR/AR?


Who is responsible for the management of the programme?


May I participate in the new XR Nomads program if I have already participated in the previous ones?

The program costs 2000 USD.

There will be wifi at the apartment and at the coworking space.


The two group dinners a week that are included in the price at the most famous regional hot spots. You can choose to eat wherever you want when you eat at other times.

We, the XR Nomads, are VR/AR creators from around the world, traveling together and settling in a new city for a month. We stay in luxury co-living housing and develop groundbreaking VR/AR content in fancy co-working spaces. We'll integrate with new cultures, make lifelong friendships, and build our passion projects with like-minded people.

Our goal is to travel around the world, share unforgettable moments and kick off new immersive collaborative projects.

You can work on your own entrepreneurship project, get inspired by other fellow nomads and use the chance to look at things from a new point of view.

The program fee covers:

1) Accommodation in a high-end apartment, in-style and design.
2) Join a local XR hackathon with the XR Nomads team.
3) Share local adventures from Jet-skiing to bungee jumping!
4) Two group dinners a week at the most famous regional hot spots.
5) Participation and networking at XR conferences and workshops.
6) Explore a different VR/AR culture and be inspired by VR/AR arcades.
7) Free co-working space in the hippest area of town.
8) Looking to see a different kind of VR/AR lab? Be inspired!

XR Nomads program is specifically designed for VR/AR and XR people.

All equipment will be provided in the co-working area.

We will visit the biggest and most known conferences/hackathons in every place we visit. We are pretty sure that you will find what you look for!

There are two tracks: One for beginners where you dive into the XR world and learn fast and another for professionals where you are allowed to work on your own projects. Depending on your prior knowledge, we believe we have the right package for you!

XRFirst Ltd. is the official manager of the program.

Yes, of course! You can participate in our journeys until the end of time. We would love to see you with us over and over again.

How to Enroll

Is financial aid available?

Can I get medical and travel insurance through XR Nomads?

I submitted a wrong email address. What should I do?


Why is the program so expensive? If i travel alone, I will spend a maximum of 30 EUR per day. Why would I spend so much more? 

Can I just take some of the included activities and pay less?

I would like to participate in a project in my home country; do I still need to pay?


Is there a minimum age?


I'm physically disabled. Would that be a problem?


What are the cancellation policies?


When will the application results be announced?


What are the requirements to participate?


Can I come with friends or as a couple?

We value diversity and don’t want a bunch of white men sitting in our mansion (no offense). Scholarships are offered to assure diversity.


No, we do not provide such services.

You can send an email to stating that you would like to change the email address that you have submitted.

The program is actually cheaper than others :) We include so much and we try to present you the best XR Nomads experience.

We want to keep our fellow XR Nomads  as together as possible in order to maximize the networking and having fun opportunity. So, we do not provide any separate packages.

We would like to give our participants the full XR Nomads experience. So it is crucial that you also stay with us. Since the package that you pay for does not include your transportation the price will not change if you would like to participate in a project in your home country.

As long as there are no legal obstacles to your travel you are welcome to participate in our program no matter how old or young you are!

If your disability does not prevent you from traveling it is perfectly fine for us to have you with us. Please let us know beforehand about your disability so that we can make your journey as comfortable as possible!

There is no cancellation. We wouldn't want to lose you!

The application results will be announced in mid-September, just in time for you to find the cheapest flights!

The only requirement for participation is enthusiasm!

Yes, you can apply together and we will keep in mind that you want to be together.

Preparing to Go

Do I need special visas?

Are there any extra costs?

Can you arrange my flights?

What support and guidance can I expect?

What is the accommodation like?

Do I need to be physically fit?

Will I have any free time?



Can I have a second job while I participate in the program?


How much spending money will I need on the program?


What will I need to bring with me?

Do I need an insurance?



Will I be met at the airport?


What happens if I have special dietary requirements?

You might need a visa depending on the destination and the country that you are from. You can visit to find out if you need visa or not.

Food (except weekly lunches/dinners), visa costs and travel to XR Nomads location, special trips and personal expenses are not included in the fee.

We do not arrange our participants’ flights since they are not included in the program fee.

There will be two facilitators onsite to take care of you. If needed you can contact them.

You will have a private bedroom and regular housekeeping. Accommodation will be in a high-end apartment, in-style and design.

You need to be fit enough to travel and we would never ask you to push yourself to your limits. You can attend the activities that you are comfortable with. You are free to choose.

Our main goal is to travel around the world, share unforgettable moments and kick off new immersive collaborative projects. But, if you’ve got a busy work week or just want to chill out, you totally can (and should!).

Track number 1 is a full time track, so if you were to participate in that, we would not recommend having a second job. However, Track number 2 is more free and you can manage your free time in every way you want.

Your spending will depend on the location and how will you choose to spend your free time.

You need the stuff that you would typically bring with you while traveling.

We would highly recommend travel health insurance and vaccinations that need to be done depending on the location.

There will be shuttle buses for you. Please let us know about your travel itinerary beforehand.

Please let us know beforehand so that we can arrange it at the dinners we will have together.

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